My Beautiful City, Lahore

I took these while getting a ticket from the traffic police. They made us park at such a perfect spot, and luckily I had my camera with me. So while the traffic police prepared the ticket, I clicked..



It Twinkled Like Stars

I had to run down five flights of stairs at The Masoinette after making more than fifty people wait in my college bus while I took these.

A single rose can be my garden..a single friend, my world – Leo Buscaglia

I saw this rose lying discarded in Liberty Market during the first day of our Cannon Photography Workshop. I thought it was too beautiful not to capture.

An Epileptic Child

I met this child a few days ago. He came up behind me, suddenly grabbing my arm while yelling something I could not make out. Naturally, I was scared. I jumped and tried to free myself. Luckily, his father was behind him. He yanked him away from me. As his father steered him away, the child kept his head turned towards me, as if calling out for help. I noticed how scared his eyes looked. He was unsure of the world. Unsure of who he was. He was six years old and he has had epilepsy all his life. 

Later, I took some pictures of him, and during the whole time he kept saying just one word: roti, roti (food)…

Kinnaird DramaFest 2012

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